Monday, May 22, 2006

Some South African music in the cold

This past weekend I discovered the DSTV Channel MK89 that specializes in South African music. They play a wide range of music, from slow ballads to fast paced beaty music.

The one song that particularly caught my attention was "Loslap" from a band called "Snotkop". It was a mixture of Afrikaans rapping and hardcore guitars. A REALLY catchy tune.

We are now getting ready for some power outages again, since Koeberg is in the process of maintaining the one nuclear reactor and we are experiencing one of the coldest winters in a couple of years.

Today's picture shows a nice sunset with a thin layer of clouds just hovering over the mountain.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kaptein's frosty all bran bloggings

I found a couple of my Friend's Blogs and thought I would link to them.
I hope you visit them and enjoy there sites...
Kaptein's frosty all bran bloggings
Stean's General Rambles

I can't make a posting without a new picture now can I. ;P

The mist over Cape Town:

A spectacular sun set here in the Cape.