Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just got robbed!!!

I woke this morning at 5:55 with someone bumping into a small table. I thought it was my girlfriend going to the bathroom, but then I saw she was still lying next to me. So I kept quiet and watched the person walk slowly past the bed to the bathroom. The person switched the light on, went in and closed the door. I woke my Girlfriend and told her to get out of the house immediately.
As soon as we got out of the house I called 112 the Vodacom emergency service and explained my situation. They said they would send someone. The person was still in the house at that stage.
Nothing happened for 20 minutes. I called the Police directly and explained my situation again. They said that they would send someone. We checked the back of the flat and found my wallet, my girlfriend's bag and a lot of other stuff that was thrown there. So the person had left. Another 15 minutes passed with me standing on the cold. The Police van stopped in the driveway with about 7 officers. It was the van that drops the off-duty officers at home after a shift change. I explained that the person must have left the house. They drove off to see if they could find the person in the area.

Another 20 minutes passed and 2 officers arrived. They looked through the flat, took our details and opened a docket. We could now asses that they took my Work backpack which contained my Digital Camera and as well as my Girlfriends Laptop. The Samsung laptop is useless to them since it doesn't have a working battery and they left the power cord. Then it has a BIOS password set and even then it is German laptop with German Windows. It is basically useless to anyone else, but her research results of 4 years hard work are stored on it. If anyone finds such a laptop or my Konica Minolta A200 with a camera bag and other accessories PLEASE contact us, leave a comment on the blog or contact the police. There will be a generous reward if the laptop/data can be recovered!

Edit: 2006-07-29 08:49

Do you know that they even took my girlfriend's toothbrush. The TOOTHBRUSH. No cash. My wallet was emptied, but I had no cash in it and my girlfriend's wallet was not touched and it had cash in. No cards taken.

What do we do now?

Edit: 2006-07-29 08:49
We found that he didn't take my digital camera battery charger, but he took my cellphone charger.

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Niels said...

Sucks that you got robbed, but that will no doubt teach your girlfriend what everyone always shouts (and somehow never seems to do): BACK YOUR THINGS UP ON A SEPERATE HARD DRIVE/LAPTOP/EMAIL/HOME PC.