Sunday, August 20, 2006

Free Energy?

Well, this is not from Cape Town, but it sure are hell would help around here. I found the story on Digg first. It looks like this Irish company found a way to generate more energy from an electro-magnetic reaction, than they put in. So I thought lets start finding more about this company and this story. Here are some of the interesting links that I have found so far. Remember that you can't believe everything that you read on the Internet. :)

Here is the Patent Pending. Interesting read.

Steorn's homepage

Someone of the forums reported that they had similar theories 8 years ago but could not prove it. (Then 12 hours later he is no longer sure about it and he original post has been removed.)

Search results for Google News on Steorn

A blog entry where Eric Burger discusses the Video challenge that Steorn made to the Scientific community.

Here is a news entry on the Irish Post website regarding the research that Steorn was involved with in May 2006 and earlier.

Here is a bit more details about the patent and devices that they are working with.

Some other Magnetic related devices that has to date not seem the market place...


Why post this story on a games site?

Connection with Halo 3 of XBOX 360?

I will wait for the results to see what happens, if anything before stating that this is a working solution. There has been many similar stories where people find ways of doing something better and then just get sweeped under the rug...

This is an experiment for me to see what the Internet and the news will report around this story.

The 3 main lines that people seem to follow are:
1. a marketing scheme to get email addresses,
2. a huge marketing scheme for the Xbox 360 (Halo 3) and a lot of work would have been put in to make this an advertising hoax
3. there could possibly be some truth in this.

Time will tell.

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