Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cheese and Wine Festival

This weekend past, the annual Cheese and Wine Festival took place in Franschhoek.

We have been going every year for at least 4 years. It is a huge event with hundreds of stalls with samples of cheese and wine. There are also other stalls like the Wedgewood nougat stall, that never seems to be able to have enough stock, since everyone always wants some of it. All the stalls have products to sell and usually at very competitive prices. This event runs over 3 days and is always very popular.

We always buy a bottle or two of wine, some cheese and some breads. Then we go an enjoy it on the grass in the sun. Unfortunately, this year it was very cold and raining intermittently. So we had to use the tents that they set-up. It was still great.

If you ever find yourself in Cape Town at the end of April, organize to go and go early. They had to close the gates for non ticket holders by the afternoon this year.

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