Friday, September 04, 2009

Green Point stadium pictures

I have not had the opportunity to go out and take pictures around Cape Town as often as I would like. This means that my Green Point Stadium pictures has not been progressing as I would have liked.
Today I received a comment from another blogger here in Cape Town that follows the progress much closer and I am promoting that blog, since I think that pictures are amazing and it is interesting to see the progress.

Here is

I hope to start adding pictures here again soon.


FromJoanne said...

Thanks Leon Thats generous of you I am looking forward to see your take on the stadium Let me know when you got them up ok ?

Cape Town Accommodation said...

thanks for this post, all of our cape town accommodation clients are surely interested to see the wonderful stadium progress!

Cpt Accommodation said...

Green point stadium is really beautiful, do you guys know it supposedly glows in the dark?

Anonymous said...

hi! check out this video I made about the World Cup festivities in Cape Town on the opening day!


Cape Town flights said...

I must appreciate your efforts, keep it up!