Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cape Town Drivers...

I have finally got a chance to say something about the way that the people drive here in Cape Town. Awful, without any skill, irritating, etc. Every time you get on a highway, you have to be on your guard, because someone that is not really supposed to possess a drivers license, tries to get to their destination in the slowest way possible. They have to drive slow in the fast lane and fast in the slow lane. Even after flashing your lights at the person driving in front of you, they seem to ignore you. Recently I read in the K53 Road Rules of South Africa, that you are allowed to flash your lights to the person driving in front of you to warn them that you are trying to over take them.
The most irritating thing that people on the Cape Town roads do, is known as drifting. They slowly drift from one lane to the next without indicating that they are changing lanes. They assume that if they do it slowly enough the person closing in from behind will see them and slowdown.
A nice saying that we use is that they drive like "old men with hats...". It is surprising how many times you pass the car and there is an old man with a HAT...

Last night i got another pic to add here :)

Today was also voting day here in South Africa. We had local elections. Hope you voted if you are South Africa ;)

I have been listening to 2 podcasts here from South Africa and thought to list them here . I will add them as perminant links on the right here. Sound republic has some nice tunes from Derek the Bandit. The ZA Show is from Glen and Bridgitte here in Cape Town.

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