Saturday, March 04, 2006

Got the car...

We drove out to Stellenbosch early this morning to go pick up the new wheels (VW polo Classic 1.6 Comfortline). With all the power failures the whole week, it was almost impossible to organize insurance, finance and delivery, but finally everything came together this morning.

While driving home today I realized again that there are really BAD drivers here in Cape Town. I know that I have said this before, but hell you should just not be weaving through traffic chasing after someone. This one BMW almost drove into me while racing with another car.
I coincidently got a comment from someone of the K53 Blog today. There blog's title is: Help with obtaining and passing your K53 learner's license test, driver'’s license & becoming a driving school instructor. I think that I should maybe stop some of these people and give them the K53 blog URL :)

I took a nice picture from a friends house of the sunset today.


k53 said...

Thanks for mentioning us :)

k53 said...

We have moved the K53 blog to, a free south african blogging service