Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No moon.

Ok, so I didn't stay up all the time to get the pictures of the moon. Kinda fell asleep and my alarm didn't wake me. So I searched google for some images to add to the site here. In my search I found a nice schedule of all the eclipses this year in South Africa. They explain in this page that it was a penumbral lunar eclipse, which doesn't actually change the "shape" of the moon.
So no pics to add.

This is the second day that I have Internet back, so far so good. I also heard that there might be a reduction in the cost of ADSL soon. I just hope that this materializes.

I took a pic over the weekend as a cold front moved in over Cape Town. I hope you like. :)

MMM, there seems to be a problem uploading pictures ... :(

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Herman said...

Hey Dude - so I see that Capt ALL BRAN is doing quite well being a C+ man - that is well funny. Anyway, saw your blogsite - not bad - getting all romantic about Metallica - you lucky sods - last time I went to a gig was to see Red Hot CHillies in Hyde Part here in London. Metallica must have been unbeatable and out of this f&*&ing world. I am trying to keep in touch with some more friends.

Send me an email when you get chance -
see ya
Herman Grobler from UK