Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cape Town in the dark again.

Well the power cuts are back. It seems there was a problem with some equipment so they did an emergency shutdown since they could not monitor the exact problem.

The picture I added today, was taken earlier this week from "Lovers Lane" on Tygerberg hill. I drive past there from work everyday and try to stop when ever there is a beautiful sunset like this.

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Ronald said...

Dear Leon,
I'm a hobby videographer and I'm trying to get a nice shot of airplanes en route to CT International. I keep hearing about Lovers Lane near Panorama. While googling for it I get little luck (also not looking in map book). Saw your photo. Was wondering if you could tell me how I could get to this magical place? looks fantastic. I always enjoy the view from the N1 near Tygerberg Protea. Suspect it is somewhere there? Is there an actual look-out point from the Tygerberg Hills? it looks in-line with the Airport. If you have any other suggestions about safe places where I can film planes landing and taking off, I would highly appreciate it.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kindest regards,