Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Carnarvon Fly-in 2006 Part 2

With the price of petrol it is these days, it is sometimes cheaper to just push the plane. We had to move it to allow other planes to take-off.

This was the ATC (Air Traffic Controllers). Thanks to them all the aircraft could takeoff and land without any problems.

Birdfield Wines and Oranjerivier Wine Cellars had stalls in the hangar from Saturday. They sold wine, Sherry, Port, Jerepigo, Muscadel, Brandy, Witblits and more. We will still go to the Oranjerivier Wine Cellars just to buy some more of their Jerepigo.

The SA
Red Cross Air Mercy Service(AMS)
was there to give their support for the fund raising. The funds raised this year will be used to install the lights on the runway. The AMS can't use the airstrip in Carnarvon at night at the moment because there are no lights. With lights the population in this area will have access to the medical emergency services at any time.
EDIT 29-June-2006: Check the AMS Website for more of my PICS.

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