Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sutherland and the SALT Part 1

This is the Primrose Bed and Breakfast in Sutherland. We spent the last three days here. It is run by Denise and David. We want to thank them again for an absolutely brilliant stay. It really did feel like visiting old friends.

It was so cold during the night, that everything had frost on in the morning.

We went to go see the SALT. It is amazing to see the technology at work here. The tour is worth it, if you are willing to participate. ;) I don't want to give to much information about the SALT, but as you can see this building is huge.

There are quite a few other telescopes on the plateau. From Korea, Germany, UK and of course South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Hey Leon, it was an absolute pleasure to have you guys stay with us. We really do look forward to a return match some time in the future. So many more stars to see.

Dave and Denise

Bret Ray said...

thats crazy how many telescopes there are. are those all just one or are there also smaller ones in those buildings?

Leon van Heerden said...

Hi Bret

I couldn't find any other way to contact you. But yes there are 9 small observatories, 1 medium on and the SALT. It is impressive to see them all on the mountain. Will try and post my one panoramic shot.