Thursday, September 20, 2007

Robbeneiland Trip

A Seagull named Nelson.

Yesterday, we took a short trip out to Robbeneiland. The world heritage site and place everyone knows as the jail that held Mr Nelson Mandela for 27 years. This was my first visit to this historic place and was really an eye opener. You always hear about the jail on TV, but once you walk through the hallways, see what they went through and experience the small cells, you can't understand.

As one of the people in our group stated: "Everything is gray, dull and mind numbing. Totally made to keep you down."

The Island has about 180 people living there permanently and working one the island.

It has the 2de largest Penguin population in Africa.

The view and sun set from the island and the boat was amazing.

We were about 6 South Africa's in our tour group with people from all over Africa, Europe and the Americas.

This is a place that you should visit to understand what this country has gone through.

What has happened here, should not happen anywhere else in the world ever again.


eezie peezie said...

hello there Fotoman, and thank you for yr fotos.. I left Cape Town when I was 12 (1986), and sadly have not been able to visit yet/since. Yr fotoblog helps w/the yearning. I googled South Africa blog just now and this guy came up.. I wanted to get yr opinion on this article - do you think it's an accurate view?
and then scroll down to "A Wounded Nation" ...

I look forward to reading yr opinion.

Anonymous said...

It's very good .....